Artisan Wine Storage Launch*

Artisan Wine Storage - Methuselah's CellarTrust me on this one; having developed more than a passing interest in wine, it starts innocently which inevitably leads to a passion for collecting, which ultimately ends with a massive storage dilemma. Issues of managing inventory, accessibility, climate control and insurance cascade out of control until you sensibly decide to make it someone else’s problem, and get back to just Artisan Wine Storage - Penfolds Grange collectionenjoying the experience of drinking it, which is precisely the reason why you started. Understandably, when I received an invitation to launch of Artisan Wine Storage, I was very interested in what point of difference they had to offer both the wine collector and storage marketplace. To say I was impressed, after receiving  a comprehensive tour of the facility, is an understatement.

Artisan Wine Storage Tasting-Lounge-u-shaped-seatingClearly, CEO Eamonn Egan is clearly not a man of half measures, establishing a $2m climate controlled facility for one million bottles at a constant (and unmatched) 12°C with 55-75% relative humidity, with storage by the bottle, case or pallet in a vibration, dust and emission free environment. Replete with the spectacular Methuselah’s Cellar, a private members area that features 44 private member Vin~Crypts™, and a dual vertical of Penfolds Grange that consists of both bottles (1951-2008) and magnums (1979-2008), valued somewhere between $1.5-$2m. Artisan Wine Storage - WarehouseAdditionally, a Wine Tasting Lounge, for events, tastings, dinners and launches, with Riedel tasting glasses and decanters, offers yet another dimension to what options are available. Full catering for all events is available, and it would be an ideal venue for Board meetings, or unique tastings with telephone and video conferencing facilities.

Artisan Wine Storage LaunchThe official opening, a lavish affair with Ruinart Blanc de Blanc flowing freely, with an exclusive selection of local and international cheeses, even included a time-honoured Sabrage to mark the DSC_0110occasion with style. It did not go unnoticed that a John Olsen, and other art works of significance were hanging in the storage space, so that gives you an indication of the sense of style at play. That being said, the core of the storage business, racking and cataloguing, is as professionally done as I have seen. Most importantly however, CEO Eamonn Egan used the occasion to outline his global vision for his Artisan Wine Storage, and given his passion and commitment in redefining existing benchmarks for this industry, it is just a matter of when that happens.

For more information on the full range of services offered:

LBV attended as a guest of latinpr


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