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LBV is a well-respected advocate of the Hospitality Industry, and offers objective opinions based on his experience from critiquing food, wine and events for organsations such as Gault&Millau, Restaurant&Catering, Chaîne des Rôtisseurs and NSW Wine to mention a few.

His website and social media platform is dedicated to the passionate pursuit of sublime food and wine, and hopes to capture that breathtaking course or glass that transcended the experience from just enjoyable, into something more timeless and truly memorable. Having said that, it won’t ignore the sheer joy of those uncomplicated produce driven dishes that are equally as important, within the overall culinary context.

You will not find the usual format of most food blogs, not because that style does not have a place, but rather LBV believes a more detailed review is warranted, as both your dining dollar and the food you spend that on, deserves that fundamental level of respect. Food and wine will always be a subjective medium, but collectively that shared fundamental passion defines us all, and our experiences.

Other information

LBV is available to independently review your restaurant, cafe, bar, hotel, pub, special venue or event*, however that does not guarantee either a favourable comment or score, and is based totally on the overall merit of your food, service, ambience or event. The decision and timing to publish that review in the public domain remains at LBV’s sole discretion, however constructive feedback would always be provided in the event of non-publication. The success of every business within the industry, is important to LBV, especially in today’s difficult financial environment, so he is passionate in working with you to aspire and achieve that.

Invitations to food and wine awards, festivals, seasonal menu launches, openings or rebrandings will be considered. Assessment of wine, artisan food products, cookbook reviewing and offers of freelance restaurant reviewing will also be considered, as would private appraisals of restaurants for owners wishing to evaluate their performance independent of the traditional review process.

Travel associated invitations would also be welcomed, including airline, cruise ship, resort and hotel appraisal. The appropriate level and timing of publication relating to these scenarios remains at the sole discretion of LBV. Provision for a guest should be allowed for in all scenarios, with the exception of travel related invitations. Tailored social media consultancy, and judging at food events is also available, along with food, beverage and travel focussed interview opportunities.

Please email any invitations or proposals to: dane.richards@bigpond.com

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    1. Thanks for both the feedback and support. I was thinking about putting the score at the Restaurant Review sub-menu and will definitely do that after your suggestion. The photo issue is definitely a double edged sword, as for the moment I cannot think of a practical way of incorporating it without sacrificing my anonymity. I will definitely be reviewing across the whole food spectrum in the future so stay tuned.

  1. Great blog site, well thought out and informative.

    Bei Amici is a small restaurant in Darling Point. We have a dinner with Phillip Morganhan from Curly Flat Wines on Sunday 18th – think this might be of great interest to you.

    kind regards


    1. Great producer for both Chardonnay and Pinot (but you guys already know that!). I remember my first Curly Flat Chardy and it way over-delivered at the price point and in a non preferred vintage. Wish I could attend as I love wine dinners but I will be lurking in a regional area to review a much loved local icon. Thanks heaps for your support and I will definitely skulk in under the radar to Bei Amici one service. I believe you have very loyal regulars so I will have to hide in a corner!

  2. I love this site, it presents beautifully. I also love reading your reviews, whilst I think the GFG is reliable for reviews, it’s nice to get another opinion by a reviewer who judges based on the same criteria. I think you see things the same as I do.

    I look forward to each new post, keep it up!

    1. Thanks for your very kind comments, they are much appreciated, especially when they are from such an incredibly respected restaurant as Racine in Orange.

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