1962 Vintage

“We must not be afraid to put into effect the strength of our own convictions, continue to use our own imagination in wine making generally, and be prepared to experiment in order to gain something extra, different and unique in the world of wine.” – Max Schubert

Having the privilege of drinking one of the greatest wines, not only in Australian wine show history (19 trophies & 33 gold medals), but one that holds a very special place in Penfolds much storied past, is indeed quite humbling. The reputation of monumental bottles often cloud judgement and prejudice balanced assessment. However, if one believes “in wine there is truth”, then the poetry within great every bottle deserves to be recited just as unconditionally as the Winemaker gave their soul to that vintage.     

This particular bottle (signed by John Duval), and opened some 44 years on is a tribute to the vision and daring of the legendary Winemaker Max Schubert. A complex myriad of diverse aromatics from deep mocha to seductive white truffle, with astounding balance and inestimable length, it conjures a narrative that transcends the boundaries of conventional tasting notes, rather standing as a touching monument to the beliefs and talents of a man who truly achieved greatness in his lifetime, when others repeatedly questioned his judgment in his formative years. The Bin 60a is indeed the true of measure of a pioneer, upon which our greatest wine company was ultimately built, inspiring memories such as this which live on in fitting homage…

(Ullage: High shoulder, 99 points, 24 April 2006)

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