1984 Vintage

First planted in 1974 on rich limestone soil, with the first wine made in 1980 about 70kms south of Perth, this bottle was of particular interest given that James Sweetapple of Cargo Road Wines was also present. Cargo Road planted their Zinfandel in 1983, and James believed that the Peel Estate Zinfandel vines would have been amongst the first planted for this variety in Australia. Matured for three years in French and American oak, thirty years on it is still deeply rich in colour, with mouth puckering tannins, with echoes of leather, spice and cherries still resonating which make for an intriguing and educational experience given the brief history of Zinfandel in Australia (90 points 15/2/14).

2 thoughts on “1984 Vintage

  1. Should read variety, not varietal. A varietal is a wine produced from a single grape type, which is not relevant when you are talking about vines being planted.

    1. Hi Steven,

      Always happy to stand corrected. Unfortunately with a team of one, editing oversights will slip through, however most importantly I hope the note conveyed the essence of this most commendable wine.



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