Truffle Pizza, Rosso Pomodoro

Truffle Pizza, Rosso Pomodoro

Truffle pizzaFirstly, Rosso Pomodoro is unquestionably in the elite category of pizza makers in Sydney, and for that matter in Australia. So in 2011 when they added a truffle pizza to their menu, the food public and media instantly took notice. They currently move close to 150 per week, so the $40 price tag is not spooking either their regulars or newcomers, as clearly the quality delivers to that price point. The aroma of freshly harvested and spectacular local Tasmanian truffles, is totally enhanced by the sublime texture and earthy flavour of the truffle imparted through the eggs, which have been stored with those truffles to complete the overall sensory experience on the palate. Add the rich mouth feel of decadent speck with buffalo mozzarella, and you simply have the perfect pizza in my opinion. Trust me, try it once, and you will be back every year for more…

90-91, 24 Buchanan Street, Balmain (White Bay)

Tue-Sun 6-10pm

Reservations: (02) 95555924


Twitter: @rossopomodoroau
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