Honey tart with peanut butter ice cream, Bistrode CBD

Honey tart with peanut butter ice cream, Bistrode CBD

Honey tart & peanut butter ice creamJane Strode’s honey tart stands as one of the timeless pillars of Australian pastry next to Lorraine Godsmark’s sublime date tart. It is a testament to her persistence and patience in the search for perfection that proves “smoke and mirrors” always plays second fiddle to the elegance of simplicity underpinned by technique. The concept evoked by the comfort of her childhood peanut butter and honey sandwiches is given sophistication, without losing the playfully nostalgic element that inspired the dessert. The device of using savoury pastry and the  salty characteristics of peanut butter ice cream to offset the natural sweetness of the local organic honey used in the tart is crucial to its overall balance. The rich biscuit-like casing counterpoints the perfectly set filling, which is swoon worthy. The good news is that this iconic dessert is still available on the Bistrode CBD menu, and will never lose its charm. This is a classic dessert we do not want to surrender for good reason…

1/52 King Street, Sydney

Mon-Fri 12-3pm, 6pm-10pm

Reservations: (02) 92403000
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