2014 Dish of the Year

2014 Winner

Chef Darren Templeman, Studio Neon Pop-up Dinner

Chawanmushi w lotus root & sea urchin

Chawanmushi w lotus root & sea urchin

When Chef Darren Templeman (formerly Restaurant Atelier) started exploring and incorporating a diversity of Asian influences into his cuisine, it was a clear diversion from the  more French influenced style that he was more renowned for. This intensely profound and  personal journey recently culminated with the opportunity to work with respected Michelin starred Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa, and the results of that are entirely stunning. The concepts that previously had relevance and purpose, now had the  cohesion and clarity to make them complete. This perfect dish  of sublime nuance and textures, signified a culinary epiphany for this Chef, and he is a worthy winner of Dish of the Year.




Note: Chef Darren Templeman who was using the blank and unrestricted canvas of the pop-up environment to explore and challenge the boundaries of his food style is now working as Head Chef at O Bar and Dining.

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