2013 Dish of the Year

2013 Joint Winners

Pastry Chef Jean-Charles Sommer, Ceto

Carpaccio of Mango

Carpaccio of MangoThe optimist always believes the next great dish is just around the corner. However, never did I envisage finding  the best dessert I had tasted this year in Ulladulla, or even in nearby Mollymook for that matter. This sublime and stunning seasonal dessert from Pastry Chef Jean-Charles Sommer (ex Bilson’s) is simply perfection on a slate. A compressed carpaccio of new season mango, with lime and lime zest is heavenly in isolation, but with the flawless mango sorbet, fascinating native Australian lemon aspen jelly and vanilla cream and puffed rice, it is elevated to one of those rare and divine moments that just simply makes one sigh…

5/84 Princes Highway, Ulladulla

Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday 6pm to late, Friday to Sunday 12pm to 2.30pm

Reservations: (02) 4454 2486


Chef James Viles, Biota Dining

Pork cheek, celeriac,  persimmon, chestnuts & autumn ashes

Pork cheek, celeriac, persimmon, chestnuts & autumn ashesRarely would a large table with such an eclectic mix of aspiring and experienced Chefs, bloggers and seasoned diners ever openly admit to agreeing on anything, but this dish from the immensely talented James Viles and Grant Croft at Biota Dining achieved 100% consensus. Considering the overall lofty standard of the degustation, for one dish to stand out so clearly, deserved not only dish of the month, but also its place as a very strong contender for dish of the year. The texture and flavour of the sticky pork cheek transcended sublime, as a collective silence descended on a fairly animated table as we all had a moment. Celeriac, persimmon, chestnuts and intriguing ‘Autumn ashes’ played a part in balancing out the dish, but it was all about that oh so perfect pork cheek we had on such an equally divine day in The Southern Highlands…

18 Kangaloon Road, Bowral

Dinner: Thursday to Monday (excluding Sunday),  Lunch: Thursday to Monday (including Brunch on Sunday)

Reservations: (02) 4862 2005

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