Dish of the Year

2015 Winner

Chef Frederico Zanellato, LuMi Bar & Dining

Ravioli w Gruyère & porcini butter

Ravioli w gruyere & porcini butter - CopyWhat happens when absolutely perfect house made ravioli is entirely self-sauced by a warm decadent liquid filling of Gruyère, goat’s cheese, porcini butter, and perhaps a touch of cream? Something akin to wow, blissful, sigh worthy, and just pure damn sexy! Some very respected palates, had insisted to me on numerous occasions that Lumi Bar and Dining was a must visit, and they were 100% correct. This incredible dish touched upon the very essence of perfection, an essential prerequisite for Dish of the Year.

56 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont (opposite Star Casino)

Wednesday to Sunday 6 to 10pm, Friday to Sunday 12 to 2.30pm

Reservations: (02) 95711999


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