Zeven Lemon’s Strawberry Blonde

ZevenOccasionally a new product completely surprises. When WordstormPR offered me to try some samples, as a fairly traditional beer drinker, the concept of a strawberry flavoured beer challenged the perceptions of that comfort zone. However, I always judge a plate of food, or glass of wine on its merits, and beer should be evaluated on exactly the same basis. Zeven Lemon’s Strawberry Blonde has a refreshing, zesty, and well-balanced flavour profile, and that is the key behind its success. The brainchild of young self-taught brewer Leimin Duong, who left her job in the corporate job to explore her passion for beer, she began experimenting with blending natural fruit into beer.

I deliberately spread the samples amongst other seasoned beer drinkers, and to a person they equally enjoyed the unique experience this brew offers. Would I buy this with my own money? Absolutely, and apart from being very food friendly, it will offer a great point of difference at any party you may be hosting or attending. Give it a try, and let me know what you think!

Website: http://zevenlemon.com.au/

Tasting note: http://zevenlemon.com.au/strawberry

Stockists: http://zevenlemon.com.au/stockists/

Contact Information: http://zevenlemon.com.au/contact/

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