Paddington Tea


Organic Earl GrayPaddington Tea, fine tea merchants source their exceptional leaves from Sri Lanka, China, India and even locally in Australia. Their black tea range, which includes a superbly well-balanced and structured organic Earl Gray, also includes Organic English Breakfast, Lady Earl Gray and Darjeeling. The new Green Tea range includes Organic Jasmine Tea and Kashmiri Kahwa, along with extensive Herbal and Chai (Masala & Rooibos) options should that be more to your liking.

Earl GrayThis range of tea is definitely the level of quality to break out the bone china tea cups, and really enjoy the ceremony of enjoying a superb cuppa with friends, or perhaps even to just enjoy in a reflective moment alone. As part of the Quixotic range, they also sell natural hand poured soy wax candles in a range of scents, which aromatically are simply beyond compare, and have a burn time of around 40 hours. Sometimes you just have to spoil yourself, and now seems a good as time as any.



21 Leeds Street, Rhodes NSW 2138

(02) 98076033


LBV sampled Paddington Tea courtesy of Latin PR

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