AlfaChoc (Alfajores)

Alfa chocPart of any worthwhile food journey is being introduced to new concepts and tastes from different cultures, so when Daniela Penno of Latin PR offered me the chance to try this favourite Argentinian snack, both my curiosity and a sweet tooth prevailed. The first thing that strikes me is the unique texture, which is almost cake like. Two large baked biscuits, lavishly dipped in the finest Belgian chocolate form a decadent sandwich, with a filling of ‘dulce de leche’ (literally translated it means ‘sweet milk’, sometimes also called caramel. I could picture them in an afternoon or high tea context, but in South America they are even known to devour them at breakfast or as a dessert. Founder Mariano Rodriguez tinkered for two years with his mother’s recipe before launching AlfaChoc which is now available in notable coffee shops and delicatessens around Sydney, including Café Hernandez, The Deli Potts, Rushcutters Bay Kiosk, Café con Leche, and Caffe Corto. Alfajores come in three varieties:

AlfaChoc Clasico: Cornflour cookies made with fresh lemon zest, vanilla seeds and hazelnuts liquor combined with the creaminess of dulce de leche.

AlfaChoc Dark: Flavours of rich cocoa powder, fresh vanillas and orange zest biscuits filled with dulce de leche and hand dipped in the finest Belgian 55% dark chocolate.

AlfaChoc White: Flavours of almond extracts combined with fine Belgian white chocolate, fresh vanilla seeds and dulce de leche.

Without doubt Alfajores offer a very unique point of contrast with what is available in this niche end of the market, and especially for those who maybe in need of a timeout from macarons! I envisage that the Australian palate will welcome and warm to these South American snacks over time, but that is for you to decide.

AlfaChoc is now available to order online at
(Free shipping for a limited time)

For wholesale, corporate packages and events enquiries please contact Mariano:

2 thoughts on “AlfaChoc (Alfajores)

  1. I’ve tried it and they are really out of this world. Chocolate lovers beware, don’t try this or you will be addicted forever.

    1. Hi Jose,

      It was the first time I had tried them, but I can definitely see why they are so popular in South America. I could imagine them as part of a high tea, or perhaps as part of a dessert platter, but I would also be really happy just to have one with a nice coffee during the day.



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