Porchetta, Whateley Lane

Porchetta, Whateley Lane

Roast Pork ShoulderWhateley Lane in Newtown, a small yet  vibrant Italian style canteen from the passionate La Rosa brothers behind  the popular Gelatomassi, only just a heartbeat away, doesn’t get too tricky. The menu focusses on traditional flavour based dishes at incredible price points. The porchetta, heavily influenced by the Lazio region of Italy, raises that bar to more lofty heights. Cooked in a special convection rotisserie oven for a touch over four hours, the result is absolutely stunning. Rich sublime crackling, encasing a luscious rolled pork shoulder, seasoned to perfection, with herbaceous and smoky overtones, is an absolute joy to savour.

Roast Pork PlateServed as a roast pork plate ($17), with baked potatoes and salad, the deal becomes even sweeter when you request the Dendy movie deal upfront for $25, effectively reducing the price of this amazing dish to roughly around $8, once you factor in the normal price of a movie ticket. If you still have room, the moreish tiramisu ($9) is a perfect way to finish.

280 King Street, Newtown

Monday to Sunday 11.30am to 10pm

Phone: (02) 80657494

Website: http://www.whateleylane.com.au/

Email: info@whateleylane.com.au

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