LBV’s 2017 Awards

Restaurant of the year: Attica (Vic)

Best New Restaurant of the year: Allium (QLD)

Best Local Restaurant of the year: Coya (NSW)

Regional Restaurant of the year: Wickens at the Royal Mail Hotel (VIC)

Exceptional Service Award: Victoria Zwierzynski, Berowra Waters Inn (NSW)

Chef of the year: Shaun Quade, Lûmé (Vic)

Dish of the year: Uni, koshihikari rice, cured egg yolk, fish maw, ama ebi, umami broth, Quay (NSW)

Producer of the year: Pecora Dairy (NSW)

Sommelier of the year: Ian Trinkle, Aria (QLD)

Wine List of the year: Dinner by Heston (Vic)

Caterer of the year: Black Star Pastry (NSW)

Cafe of the year: Bitton Gourmet (NSW)

Bar of the year: The Roosevelt (NSW)

Sustainability: Billy Kwong (NSW)  

Best Young Chef: John Rivera, Amaru (ex Lûmé)

Outstanding Legacy: Gerard and Nannette Humair, Mere Catherine (NSW)

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