March Dish of the Month (Amaru)

March 2017, Amaru

Big Eye Tuna / Sweet Ginger / Trout Pearls / Cured Melon Juice

With the sustainability of fine dining under siege, it is hard not to argue that restaurants like Amaru and sixpenny, which redefine the boundaries, without the largesse and costs that are undermining others at the top end, are the more progressive way forward. Chef Clinton McIver, and his small but talented brigade, present dishes with notable finesse and balance, that speak and connect with a new generation of diners. This beautifully balanced, and vibrantly uplifting dish, resonated with a delicacy of flavours which is indicative of the new wave of impressive talent that is shaping our culinary future.

1121 High Street, Armadale

Tuesday to Saturday from 6pm, Friday and Saturday from 12.30pm

Reservations: (03) 9822 0144





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