January Dish of the Month (Eleven Bridge)

Hand rolled strozzapreti w Moreton Bay bug & crustacean butter

hand-rolled-strozzapreti-w-moreton-bay-bug-crustacean-butterThere should be a new reference point for the definition of sublime in the dictionary. Chef Phil Wood’s exquisite crustacean butter is extraordinary, and the joy from it being served with flawlessly hand rolled strozzapreti, and succulent Moreton Bay bug ticks all of my boxes. That rare gift of an intuitive sense of balance is bestowed upon very few in the culinary world, yet every single dish I taste from this Chef, convinces me he fully deserves to be considered in that elite category. If Eleven Bridge maintains these standards, it will forge a legacy in its own right, and I for one look forward to following its journey very closely.

11 Bridge Street, Sydney

Monday to Saturday from 5.30pm, Monday to Friday from 12pm

(02) 9252 1888

Website: http://www.rockpool.com/elevenbridge/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elevenbridge/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neilperryrockpool

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