September Dish of the Month (O Bar and Dining)

Hand Picked Crab Salad

hand-picked-crab-saladAs the seasons change, so do the construct of dishes. Spring evokes a lighter and more vibrant touch on the plate, and Head Chef Darren Templeman playfully celebrates the breadth of that spirit, with this beautiful tribute to natures awakening. Stunningly fresh Fraser Island Crab, is delicately paired with smoked almonds, cultured curds and an eye-catching nasturtium dressing. This elegant dish of the month welcomes both the new season in style, underpinned by the culinary Holy Trinity of balance, textures and flavours…

Level 47, Australia Square

264 George Street, Sydney

 7 nights from 5pm to late, Wednesday to Friday from 12 noon

Lounge Bar 7 nights from 5pm to late

(02) 9247 9777


Twitter: @0bardining

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