July Dish of the Month (Pilu at Freshwater)

Melanda Park free range oven roasted suckling pig


Signature dishes are often thrust upon restaurants by the dining public, who simply make it impossible to remove it from the menu, as opposed to being immodestly self-appointed by the Chef. Sometimes, even despite its popularity, familiarity breeds a strange form of contempt through constant repetition, when far more innovative dishes sadly remain unloved on the menu. However, when quality suckling pig is lovingly oven roasted ‘old school’, with this level of intuitive precision, and such heavenly texture and flavour, you simply have to chalk one up for the power of the people, and be entirely thankful for their undying vigilance in ensuring others have the same opportunity to savour it as well!

“On the beach”, Moore Road, Freshwater

Tuesday to Saturday from 6pm, Tuesday to Sunday from 12noon

(02) 9938 3331

Website: http://www.pilu.com.au/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pilurestaurant

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Piluatfreshwater/

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