May Dish of the Month (Aubergine)

Pork belly, cuttlefish, sweet corn, kimchi butter & radish cress


The recent evolution of the culinary landscape in the ACT, owes much to its passionate local advocate, Chef Ben Willis, and his fine dining restaurant Aubergine. The standards set since 2008, have been of a consistency that very few have been able to maintain, and is one of the significant reasons why the legacy of this restaurant will continue to resonate for a substantial period of time. By way of example, this exceptional dish, epitomises the nuance of balance, sublime texture and innovative flavours, that clearly identified Aubergine as the best restaurant in this region. The techniques and produce that underpin this dish, are precisely why it remains a destination restaurant for lovers of fine food throughout the country.

18 Barker Street, Griffith (ACT)

Monday to Saturday from 6pm

(02) 6260 8666


Twitter: @aubergineben

Instagram: @aubergineben


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