November Dish of the Month (Billy Kwong)

Crispy Skin (Burrawong Gaian) Duck

Crispy Skin DuckWhat culinary magic is possible on the plate when celebrated Chef Kylie Kwong collaborates with award-winning Mid-North Coast Burrawong Gaian poultry producers Beth and Hayden McMillan?

Chef and Producers

Chef Kylie Kwong with Beth & Hayden McMillan

The result is a spectacular signature dish of exquisite balance and harmony, spicing, textures, and flavours. The Humane Choice accredited  pasture raised duck is trimmed, covered with Szechuan pepper and salt, and left to marinate overnight. It is then steamed for one and a half hours, cooled, de-boned and then coated with plain flour, deep-fried until perfectly crispy, and finally left to rest.  What seals the deal is the spectacular citrus sauce that features sublime organic Davidson’s plums, consolidated with caramel (water and brown sugar), cassia bark, fish sauce and star anise.

Ultimately, a Chef’s primary job is to interpret, honour and showcase the integrity of the produce, and I am not sure I have seen a better example recently of that synergy than this…

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