July Dish of the Month (Raita Noda Chef’s Kitchen)

Cuttlefish “Ravioli”

Cuttlefish RavioliWhat better way to showcase premium hand harvested sea urchin, than to slice impossibly thin sheets of fresh cuttlefish, to form a pristine sashimi take on ravioli. Garnished with luscious salmon pearls, black salt, yuzu zest and sesame, it is the very essence of divine culinary perfection, that dissolves like a stolen kiss. With only just eight seats, immensely talented Chef Raita Noda (ex Ocean Room) has the privilege of creating such masterpieces, literally in the moment…

Suite 1, 222 Riley Street, Surry Hills

Monday to Saturday 7pm to late

Reservations: (02) 8093 9807

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