Featured Dish (Lucky Town Thai Kitchen)

Massaman CurryAn exceptional Massaman curry is like a welcome warm embrace on a cold night. Having tried this twice, the raw authenticity of the Chef’s background resonates throughout the dish. The stunning base flavour of the curry paste, balanced with  the perfect ratio of coconut milk, provides a lovely rich consistency,  with a haunting, but not overpowering heat note. Both the lamb ($14.50) and beef ($11.50) versions are executed equally well, and whilst in my opinion the strength of the menu is found within the Thai curries, do not let that deter you; as cooking a great curry is an art, and a thing of beauty always worth travelling for.

490 King Georges Road, Beverly Hills

Mon-Sun 11.30-3pm, 5pm-10.30pm

Reservations: (02) 95861586