A farewell to the romance of dining at Libertine

I saw the golden age of gastronomy. I saw that beautiful, romantic period. And then the world changed.

Chef Marco Pierre White

LibertineThe romance of dining is the unspoken ‘grail’ within the world of hospitality. Without it we would simply be fulfilling a biological need that would never nurture the soul, or imprint our priceless sense of memory. The act of giving and sharing, with a truly heartfelt duty of care, underpins any memorable restaurant experience. Very few ever get that elusive mix right, ultimately ending up feeling overly contrived, and not particularly genuine. However, you sometimes find that rare gem which touches your heartstrings, and makes the tapestry of any food journey worthwhile. Libertine, no sooner found in my case, is now  gone, but it would be remiss of me not to reminisce over the passion they showed their diners throughout the years.

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